Xing out negativity, on and off the field

“Throw up the X” is known worldwide thanks to Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver and former Lufkin Panther, Dez Bryant. What some might not know is what the symbol that he flashes as a touchdown celebration even means. My husband, Joseph, played football back in the day, and I have a picture of him “throwing upContinue reading “Xing out negativity, on and off the field”

Gift of an Education

It’s the season for giving and what a blessing and privilege it is to serve as the superintendent in a very giving community. So many in this city share their time, resources, and finances with the Lufkin school district in order to enhance the educational learning experiences of all of our students. Perhaps the essenceContinue reading “Gift of an Education”

Tooting our own horn for the Panther Band

When I became superintendent of Lufkin ISD in the spring of 2013, there were certain events I was asked to clear my calendar for that were “do not miss” events. One of those events, to my surprise, was band camp. Immediately I was informed that it was a tradition for the superintendent and high schoolContinue reading “Tooting our own horn for the Panther Band”

Motivation essential in crafting a positive learning experience

As the superintendent of schools for Lufkin ISD, one of my primary responsibilities is to effectively motivate leaders to lead, teachers to teach and students to learn. Motivation has been defined as “the willingness of a person to expend a certain amount of effort to achieve a particular goal under a particular set of circumstances.”Continue reading “Motivation essential in crafting a positive learning experience”

Navigating via our strategic plan of action

I was 22 years old when I took my first flight, so it was very important to me that my daughter experience flying at an earlier age. Joslyn’s first flight, which was to Philadelphia for a family vacation, will forever be embedded into my memory. The clouds were thick and it seriously looked like weContinue reading “Navigating via our strategic plan of action”

Team Lufkin ISD Ready for New Year

One week from tomorrow, the yellow school buses will be running the roads, pencils will be sharpened and the doors to 15 school campuses will be opened for the first day of school for more than 8,600 Lufkin ISD students. Team Lufkin ISD is prepared and committed to not only teach and educate our students,Continue reading “Team Lufkin ISD Ready for New Year”

Nothing great is ever easy

I love quotes. They speak to me. They guide me. They inspire me. June 17 was a monumental board meeting where the trustees voted unanimously to approve significant teacher salary increases at Lufkin ISD. Voting on a decision takes only a few minutes. Preparing, researching, crunching numbers after numbers, making executive decisions, presenting recommendations, whileContinue reading “Nothing great is ever easy”

Team LISD working to finish strong

Believe it or not, I was one of the fastest girls in school and was selected to compete in all three relays in track. At one track meet that will forever be etched in my memory, our relay team had won first place in both the 4 x 100 meter and 4 x 200 meterContinue reading “Team LISD working to finish strong”

It’s a privilege to honor outstanding teachers

You remember that teacher that made you feel like you could do anything … that your dreams were attainable, that you weren’t awkward and unaccepted, but loved and appreciated? That teacher for me was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Proffer. I will never forget how she made learning fun and treated me like I wasContinue reading “It’s a privilege to honor outstanding teachers”

Teachers, staff work for future of our children

On any given weekday, the students at Lufkin ISD are preparing for their future. A future that is molded and sculpted by some of the finest people you will ever meet … members of Team Lufkin ISD. It has been my privilege as superintendent of Lufkin ISD to work among excellence, but I’m also excitedContinue reading “Teachers, staff work for future of our children”