Xing out negativity, on and off the field

“Throw up the X” is known worldwide thanks to Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver and former Lufkin Panther, Dez Bryant. What some might not know is what the symbol that he flashes as a touchdown celebration even means. My husband, Joseph, played football back in the day, and I have a picture of him “throwing upContinue reading “Xing out negativity, on and off the field”

New Year is Opportunity to “Throw Up The X”

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” With the end of the first semester behind us, we press ahead to make 2015 even better than the past. I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve accomplished as a team, and I look forward to the new year and the excitement that it brings. SpeakingContinue reading “New Year is Opportunity to “Throw Up The X””

Gift of an Education

It’s the season for giving and what a blessing and privilege it is to serve as the superintendent in a very giving community. So many in this city share their time, resources, and finances with the Lufkin school district in order to enhance the educational learning experiences of all of our students. Perhaps the essenceContinue reading “Gift of an Education”

November Monthly Message to Team Lufkin ISD

Dear Team Lufkin ISD, During this time, we reflect on the beauty and simplicity of being truly thankful. I am thankful for my family. I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband and two amazing kids who continuously make me proud to be their mother. I am thankful for my career in education. There isContinue reading “November Monthly Message to Team Lufkin ISD”

Tooting our own horn for the Panther Band

When I became superintendent of Lufkin ISD in the spring of 2013, there were certain events I was asked to clear my calendar for that were “do not miss” events. One of those events, to my surprise, was band camp. Immediately I was informed that it was a tradition for the superintendent and high schoolContinue reading “Tooting our own horn for the Panther Band”

Motivation essential in crafting a positive learning experience

As the superintendent of schools for Lufkin ISD, one of my primary responsibilities is to effectively motivate leaders to lead, teachers to teach and students to learn. Motivation has been defined as “the willingness of a person to expend a certain amount of effort to achieve a particular goal under a particular set of circumstances.”Continue reading “Motivation essential in crafting a positive learning experience”

October Monthly Message to Team Lufkin ISD

Dear Team Lufkin ISD, We have an amazing school district. There are many positive things going on at any point of the day on our campuses and in our classrooms. I have had the privilege of experiencing some amazing activities throughout Panther Nation, too many to mention all of them. I was able to seeContinue reading “October Monthly Message to Team Lufkin ISD”

September Monthly Message to Team Lufkin ISD

Dear Team Lufkin ISD, Congratulations, we have completed our first month of school and what a remarkable start we’ve had! I wanted to let every one of you know how proud I am of Team Lufkin ISD and how grateful I am for each of your contributions. I have enjoyed my campus and classroom visitsContinue reading “September Monthly Message to Team Lufkin ISD”

Navigating via our strategic plan of action

I was 22 years old when I took my first flight, so it was very important to me that my daughter experience flying at an earlier age. Joslyn’s first flight, which was to Philadelphia for a family vacation, will forever be embedded into my memory. The clouds were thick and it seriously looked like weContinue reading “Navigating via our strategic plan of action”

Team Lufkin ISD Ready for New Year

One week from tomorrow, the yellow school buses will be running the roads, pencils will be sharpened and the doors to 15 school campuses will be opened for the first day of school for more than 8,600 Lufkin ISD students. Team Lufkin ISD is prepared and committed to not only teach and educate our students,Continue reading “Team Lufkin ISD Ready for New Year”