It’s a privilege to honor outstanding teachers

You remember that teacher that made you feel like you could do anything … that your dreams were attainable, that you weren’t awkward and unaccepted, but loved and appreciated? That teacher for me was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Proffer. I will never forget how she made learning fun and treated me like I wasContinue reading “It’s a privilege to honor outstanding teachers”

Teachers, staff work for future of our children

On any given weekday, the students at Lufkin ISD are preparing for their future. A future that is molded and sculpted by some of the finest people you will ever meet … members of Team Lufkin ISD. It has been my privilege as superintendent of Lufkin ISD to work among excellence, but I’m also excitedContinue reading “Teachers, staff work for future of our children”

I Had a Dream

I love August, which signifies the start of a new school year for students in Texas. With the new school year, comes a new opportunity for our students and staff to start over with a clean slate and focus on setting and achieving goals. Moreover, I believe that dreams are manifested based on realizing thoseContinue reading “I Had a Dream”